A proud poultry farmer

Guni Maya Tamang, a single woman aged 55 years old, lives in Dadagaun, Tadi rural municipality with her son and daughter. Her son was the only earner of her family who worked as daily wage labour in the village. However, his sole earning was not enough to fulfill the household demands. Already affected by the earthquake of 2015, this vulnerable family was further impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic due to a lack of opportunity and income source. Guni Maya’s family was facing serious challenges to meet their daily needs.

A member of a Self-Help Group (SHG) for vulnerable people in her community formed with facilitation support from the Purnima programme, Guni Maya was identified as a single woman. She was recommended for a viable income generation support. Her condition was assessed, and potential income generating options were explored. As Guni Maya suffered from Arthritis disease that escalated her leg pains, poultry farming was appropriate activity for her, and she was pleased about it too.

Purnima programme supported Guni Maya with a poultry shed, 30 chicks, poultry feed, basic medicines, and technical input. The support was provided in collaboration with a local vendor. Guni Maya was able to make earnings of around NPR. 17,000 within 45 days. The market for poultry products is available locally and has eased her farming process. “The earnings has helped us manage household expenses for my family during this difficult time,” said Guni Maya.

After yielding good earning in the first lot, she continued poultry and earned 12,000 Nepali rupees in the second lot of farming. She is now confidently preparing for a third lot as well. She is using some part of her income for expanding her poultry business and saves 100 rupees per month in the saving and credit scheme mobilized by the SHG. She believes she can sustain her livelihoods through the expansion of her poultry business.