Facing galore of problems with strength and positivity

Remembering his days spent in hardship and struggle, a 38 years old Prem Thing shared that he travelled away from his country in search of jobs and eventually stayed away for 14 years to make a living. A resident of Dadha Gaun in Tadi – 3 of Nuwakot district, Prem could not make substantial savings due to fatal accident and treatments, forcing him to return to Nepal. “I came back to Nepal in 2019 and invested the little money in restaurant business in Kathmandu. However, I not only lost all my investment, but, also had extra loan to pay off,” said Prem. He travelled back to India yet again to seek job opportunities, but COVID-19 pandemic badly affected the economy, leaving people like Prem without any option.

Having recognized as a vulnerable member of the community, Prem was recommended poultry farming support by Purnima programme. The Purnima team helped him to develop his business plan for poultry farming for easy and quick return of investment. He received poultry case and technical guidance going forward.

Keeping his positivity intact, Prem rented a place in Ramati village in Dupcheshwor to start poultry farming of 200 chicks and with support from Purnima he opened a fresh meat shop. “Both emotional and financial support from the team gave me confidence to start my own business,” said Prem. “I am sure that right guidance will help me make sufficient earning for sustaining my livelihood and living a dignified life in Nepal,” he added. He plans to expand his business and employ two other vulnerable fellow community.

Prem has been able to make an income of 50,000 Nepali rupees per month. He also purchased chickens from local farmers to get the business going. “I also supply and deliver meat in four nearby villages,” said Prem. Gaining good understanding of business has helped built Prem’s confidence to further expand his business with intentions to support local farmers.

Hopeful intentions to support himself and his community has gained him trust from people around him. “My parents and neighbors are proud of me and are happy to see my business growing,” proudly said Prem.

In Nuwakot, Purnima has supported more than 6,000 vulnerable people with their economic recovery through both on and off farm activities. A total of 230 vulnerable households like Prem’s have received support in poultry farming, helping them become resilient while facing their problems with strength and positivity.