Pig farming boosting yields

Anish Tamang, 36, from Dadagaun, Tadi rural municipality – 3 of Nuwakot district is an agricultural farmer. Anish grows cereal crops such as rice, maize, millet in his small piece of land. To sustain the income source and meet the daily requirements of his family of seven, he also worked as a labour in a construction site.

The sustenance of their livelihood was already tough due to earthquake of 2015 which further deteriorated due to COVID-19 pandemic. Anish lost his labour job due to travel restrictions imposed during pandemic which severely affected his financial security. The problem also escalated further impacting his family’s food security. Similar is the case for many vulnerable community people living in Tadi rural municipality.

During vulnerability assessment carried out by Purnima, Anish and his family were identified as a vulnerable and most affected households and received support for income generation activity. Anish was interested in Pig farming and through Leave no one behind component of Purnima programme, he received technical inputs on pig farming, building pig sheds, and coordination support to receive four piglets from Tadi Palika.

Pig farming has helped Anish regain his hope for better future. He rears them well and sells them, which is supporting him financially. He sold his first pig at NPR 9,000 to manage his household expenses during COVID-19 pandemic. “I am happy with my small pig farming. Pigs are healthy and growing rapidly, and I am keeping the remaining three pigs for breeding purpose,” shared Anish, excitedly.