Pigs that give hope


Mithu Maya Chepang from Gajuri, Dhading is a Female Community Health Volunteer, and is devoted to helping others in her community. However, she is grappling with the debt incurred while rebuilding her house just after the earthquake. She is also a widow and struggles to work her land alone, leaving her reliant on the single woman allowance provided by the government of Nepal. Today, she is looking forward to a growing income from her new pig-rearing business.

Mithu Maya had received two piglets from the Purnima Challenge Fund partner Dan Church Aid last year, which she has nurtured. “The big pig gave me good money,” she shares. She sold the big pig for NRs. 22,000, and today, with the support of Purnima, she is also able to access a microfinance loan so that she can construct another pig shed and raise four new piglets. She hopes to start repaying her debt gradually and is happy to have a growing pig-farming business that will provide a regular income.