Woman in business

Ms. Rita Regmi is a proprietor of Gorkhakali Hastakala Udyog located at Gorkha municipality in Gorkha. She is also a President of Women Entrepreneur Committee of Gorkha Chamber of Commerce (CCI) and Industry. Her association with this group goes beyond two years and she feels confident to access banks and financial institutions to expand her business.

Rita received support from Purnima through CCI in capacity building, business plan preparation, COVID-19 safety gears etc. and is running her enterprise independently. She accessed subsidized loan through helpdesk established by Purnima and dedicated her effort in meeting people from surrounding districts to create linkage with markets. She currently has skilled women who are encouraged and motivated to produce handmade local products for income generation. 160 entrepreneurs are part of Women Entrepreneurs Committee, and women like Rita are encouraging various businesses to register with ward office, prepare required documents, access loans and to run their business systematically. Rita has been able to help more than 40 enterprises in registering their businesses. She also encourages others to interact with various business outlets regarding business promotions and market management, helping strengthen the demand-supply cycle.

“We try to bring awareness amongst other women to engage in skill development and to start their own business. They also receive necessary advice and counselling for solution of all business-related issues through the business help desk.

We all have learned to run business in a systematic way as we received training and coaching on developing business plans. Psychosocial counseling and business counseling organized by the Purnima in the critical situation of COVID-19, encouraged us to carry on despite of difficult situations. We have found sense of security among the workers that has helped us to move ahead in safe manner.”