Woman in governance

Ms. Radha Timalsina is a Deputy Chairperson of Galchhi rural municipality in Dhading who has been contributing as a local government representative in Dhading district since last three years. As Purnima programme provides technical assistance to the local government, it has been working closely with authorities like Radha in their capacity development, supporting in formulation of plans and policies and implementation of policies and guidelines at Palika level.

“Palika extended its services to ward offices to make it more effective. It has formulated policies and programs that directly benefits the poor and the target group and has given grants for agricultural production and sale accordingly. Full availability of drinking water and sanitation facilities has been given high priority.

Currently, vital registration and other revenue collection related service are available from each ward through online system. We have expanded door to door services and mobile service camp on agriculture and livestock services.

We have taken special initiatives to build a disability friendly and senior citizen-friendly society. Services to the vulnerable groups have been provided by formulating budgets and programs to improve the condition of senior citizens, person with disabilities and single women through separate groups.”