What we do

Purnima is supporting Nepal’s recovery from the 2015 earthquakes through five intervention areas.

Supporting local governance

Enabling local government to plan and deliver services that address the needs of the most vulnerable.

Rebuilding infrastructure

Supporting reconstruction of water supplies, foot trails and trail bridges, and schools.

Private sector development

Boosting economic recovery and the development of the private sector, including small businesses.

Challenge fund

Supporting selected projects that provide social and economic empowerment including housing reconstruction.

Transformative change for women and adolescent girls

Promoting women and girls as change agents in political, economic and social spheres.

Climate Change

Nepal is highly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Temperatures are rising, rainfall patterns are changing, and extreme climatic events are more common.

Purnima COVID-19 response

Purnima is providing essential technical and financial support to rural communities in Nepal to ensure no one is left behind in the COVID-19 response and recovery.