Challenge fund

The impact of the earthquakes hit the most vulnerable in society the hardest and many are still struggling to rebuild their homes and recover their livelihoods. Purnima’s Challenge Fund is supporting 50,000 of the most vulnerable people and working with local governments to reform their policies and ensure their services are reaching the people who need them the most.

Identifying the most vulnerable

Purnima undertook assessments in its four target districts – Gorkha, Dhading, Nuwakot and Rasuwa – to understand levels of vulnerability and the barriers vulnerable people were facing to their livelihoods. The assessments identified where houses needed to be rebuilt and looked at why people were struggling to earn a living. These findings were then developed into practical solutions which guide how money from the challenge fund is used and distributed.

Strengthening local government services

Purnima is helping vulnerable people understand and access the social support they are entitled to from their local government, including obtaining an ID card so they can use discounted health and transport services, and providing assistive devices to people with disabilities. Challenge fund partners are working closely with local governments to develop inclusive policies and strengthen how they are delivering social services.

Enhancing economic prospects

Purnima is helping people to improve their economic prospects through vocational and business skills training. The challenge fund is providing assistance to farmers and smallholders on techniques to cultivate high-value crops, rear healthy and good quality poultry, and achieve good prices for their produce at market. It is also working with small businesses to help them develop their business management skills and write actionable business plans.

Helping people access the right support

Purnima is helping vulnerable households understand how to access the National Reconstruction Authority’s housing reconstruction grants and services, and how to raise a grievance when they have not received adequate support. As the challenge fund is distributed through local partners that have built strong relationships n their communities, advice and practical support are tailored to the individual needs of each household.