Supporting local governance

Nepal became a federal state in 2017. As well having as a central government authority, the country was divided into seven provinces, each with its own government. These provincial governments comprise local decision-making committees, known as gaunpalikas.

Purnima works with 22 gaunpalikas, helping them to develop their planning and delivery processes in line with Nepal’s Local Government Operation Act 2017.


Purnima supports gaunpalikas to prepare plans and budgets aligned with Nepal’s long-term vision to ‘build back better’. Planners engage with leaders, civil servants and citizens to define problems and identify and build support for solutions which benefit the most vulnerable.


Purnima is helping gaunpalikas use data and self-assessment to monitor plans and budgets, support revenue collection and financial performance, and ensure that activities are creating long-term, inclusive change.

It has introduced technology such as GIS and e-procurement and trained officials how to use these innovations to support effective delivery.


Purnima is working with gaunpalikas to establish regulatory documentation such as policies, legislation, citizen charters and codes of conduct. Gaunpalikas are also encouraged to record, update and share documentation to develop accountability and transparency for all their activities.